Who are we ?

For over 20 years, ARECO is the specialist in humidification by nebulization. Our expertise allows you to benefit from the most advanced technology in terms of food storage on all your fresh food needs.

Due to the use of technology developed by a private research center (IMRA Europe – Toyota Group), we can break liquids (water, perfume) via a patented system. Unlike fogging (spraying through spray nozzles), cold vapor generated by ARECO Nebulization humidifiers do not get wet and can be used without interruption thereby offer customers the best quality products and visual freshness irreproachable.

Michel Gschwind and Benoît Rey, co-managers of ARECO

ARECO pioneer and leader in fresh products

ARECO has innovation at the heat of its approach by proposing new and effective solutions to fresh retail, agri-food industry, and shops.

Originally deployed to the food market, nebulization was a real success with hypermarkets. It helps to moisten the fruit and vegetable displays, seafood and traditional displays (cheese, meats, butcher, delicatessen) due to the diffusion of an extremely fine cold vapor (95% of the droplets have a diameter less than 5 μm).

This is the only system that allows a diffusion of cold vapor continuously throughout the day. The results are even more dramatic in terms of humidity control, uniformity and marketing impact.

Our added value

  • Our patents are from a proprietary technology, developed in France.
  • We master the entire value-added chain: R&D, production, testing, installation, service.
  • ARECO applies the European WEEE and RoHS directives on the recycling of electrical and electronic waste.
  • 10% of turnover is invested annually in research and development.
  • ARECO is committed to a philosophy of respect for people and environment through CSR.
  • We received many trophies since 2001 that demonstrate our innovation and societal concern (CSR approach).

 Innovations is in our DNA

Our pioneering spirit enables us to keep one step ahead. Due to strong investment in R&D we seek to improve the quality of existing products, to reduce costs of operation and develop new concepts. Our engineers work daily to improve nebulizers to market a more effective new generation of machines that consume less energy. In addition, the existing machinery is upgraded for the benefit of all our customers with our latest technological advances. Due to these developments, ARECO is the leader in the European market.

Support and customization

We fulfill our commitments in accompanying and guiding our clients to implement until the effective functioning of Nebulizer System and beyond. We adapt our products to the demand of each customer by offering the best solution to the characteristics of thein products, to the context of distribution and their budget. Our nebulizer solution can therefore be adapted to all types of food to make the most of its benefits.

Our clients

Supermarkets, convenience stores, foodservice and food industry: more than 3,000 customers now benefit from our nebulizer technology to extend the life of products.

ARECO Worldwide

The ARECO solutions are acclaimed by users worldwide. We now do everything possible to develop compatible solutions, adapted and respecting the international manufacturing and hygiene norms.

We have offered our technology at the Wegmans supermarket chain in the United States, the Group Pao de Açucar (GPA) in Brazil (1,600 stores), as well as many restaurants and wineries in Chile.