Your seafood display is

100% fresh with ARECO nebulization

ARECO nebulization helps you improve the performance of your seafood counter. Our Nebulizer System has been validated by an independent laboratory that studied the impact of fogging on microbiological qualities, physical and chemical properties of seafood products.

Exceptional quality

We offer several solutions for integrating nebulization into your seafood display. Fog diffusion rods can be integrated either on the back or front of the display. Several finishes are available (mirror polished, height adjustment, etc.) for high-end rendering.

A leading technology

With ARECO nebulization, retaining your products has never been easier. ARECO nebulization allows constant humidification of products using a patented dispersion system.

They testify

Check out what department managers have said about ARECO nebulization.   

  • « Increased volumes and reduced LS.» 

  • « Visual appearance and incomparable freshness: colored products (gurnard, dab) sett better because they retain their color and sparkle under the effect of lighting and fogging. » 

  • « Better conservation of products: skate wing, rock salmon and langoustines. »

  • « Increase turnover by 26%, margin increase of 2% and no odor on the shelf. »

Our certifications

ARECO respects all international standards.

Maintenance Offers

ARECO offers customized maintenance service to improve the life of your machine.

Allianz Insurance

ARECO included in the sale of its service an Allianz insurance, thanks to its exclusive system Thermosure.

Our Products

Our wide range of products enables you to adapt our nebulization system to the configuration of your display. Discover our dynamic display which can animate your fresh displays on our website: