Your meat display is

100% fresh with ARECO nebulization

Meat is a fragile product that requires good conservation to meet the particular conditions of temperature and humidity. ARECO nebulization ensures optimal results while maintaining the products in an ideal humidity between 85% and 95%.

Exceptional quality

A study by the Institute of Livestock and supported by Interbev was conducted on our fogging system to measure the contribution of ARECO nebulization in refrigerated meat displays.

This study (available on request) demonstrates and validates the value of using ARECO nebulization on these products:

  • Limits weight loss of meat products in display cases.
  • Slows the appearance of discoloration of products and increases their shelf life an extra day.
  • Nebulized products dry out less and have a fresh appearance.
  • The sanitary quality of the meat is not degraded.

A leading technology

With ARECO nebulization, retaining your products has never been easier. ARECO nebulization allows constant humidification of products using a patented dispersion system.

They testify

Check out what department managers have said about ARECO nebulization:   

  • « My department achieved a 25% increase of sales
    since the installation in June 2010. »

  • « I earn an extra 2 hours of work per day:
    1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon.»

  • « I used to use plastic wrap for most products,
    it is an undeniable time savings. »

  • « Fogging improves the visuals, it’s obvious. In the morning, I no longer need to make the cuts in the charcuterie. I this save $20 per day selling price breaks and 30 minutes of my time, between 49000 and $12,000 per year. The installation is profitable in the year. »

Our certifications

ARECO respects all international standards.

Maintenance Offers

ARECO offers customized maintenance service to improve the life of your machine.

Allianz Insurance

ARECO included in the sale of its service an Allianz insurance, thanks to its exclusive system Thermosure.

Our Products

Our wide range of products enables you to adapt our nebulization system to the configuration of your display. Discover our dynamic display which can animate your fresh displays on our website: