Fresh Herbs Module

Stay fresh with your feet in the water

In fresh products stores, aromatic herbs lose their freshness, vitality and commercial attractiveness during the day. These products rarely exceed 24 hours of exposure in the climatic conditions usually observed in stores (26°C and 50% humidity rate).

This situation generates a breakage rate of about 50% and therefore a loss of turnover on these high value-added products.

Carried by a taste of innovation and continuous improvement, ARECO has developed a Fresh Herbs Module that allows to keep the freshness of the aromatic herbs throughout the day. This new product can be installed with Nebulization to maintain an optimum humidity rate on the shelf. On an island or wall shelf, new or existing, nebulized or not, the module can be integrated in any type of configuration.

How does the module work?

The Fresh Herbs Module brings water to the feet of aromatic herbs to maintain their freshness. The bouquets are placed individually in stainless steel containers and bathe in the water throughout their commercial lifecycle.

In automatic water renewal mode, the Fresh Herbs Module requires a water supply and a drain in order to carry out a regular filling and the renewal of the water in the tank.

Advantages of the module:

  • Filtered water at the feet of aromatic herbs
  • Extended exposure time in shelf
  • Better preservation of products
  • Optimization of the humidity rate
  • Highlighted products: increased sales
  • Breakage reduction (fragile products)