Cooling Plates

A technology complementary to nebulization

In addition to our nebulization system, we offer a brand-new product: cooling plates for fruits and vegetables department. When installed with a nebulizer, this solution allows you to decrease the temperature on and above the shelf and thus maintain an ideal humidity rate.

Using a contact cooling solution, ARECO allows your fruits and vegetables to keep all their freshness in the store. With no dry air flow, our technology is ideal to keep an optimum temperature in your shelf.

The integrity of the products is unchanged, the weight loss of products is greatly reduced. Natural degradation is slowed down by our technology.

Feel free to contact us to find out more about this product.

Installation, use and maintenance

The plates are easy to install, use and maintain. We install the cooling unit that feeds the plates under the shelf. Our plates are either standard or custom sized to adapt your shelf.

It can be used on many applications, our plates can be integrated with or without nebulization, on an island or wall store, new or existing. As usual, at ARECO, we offer you the most suitable solution for your needs.

Combined with our nebulization systems, this solution reduces the temperature on and above the shelf and thus maintains an ideal conservation atmosphere.