Fruits and vegetables

Your produce aisle will be

100% fresh with ARECO nebulization

ARECO nebulization allows you to perfectly preserve your fresh produce throughout the day. With humidification, in-store displays, storage rooms, refrigerated transport and packaging rooms will be properly maintained all day long. Our nebulization system brings you many advantages for your fruits and vegetables.

Exceptional Quality

ARECO helps to improve the profitability of your produce section by installing its certified nebulization system.

A Leading Technology

With ARECO nebulization, the conservation of your products will be optimized. ARECO nebulization allows constant humidification of products using a patented dispersion system.

They testify

Check out what department managers have said about ARECO nebulization.   

  • « Salads are conserved between 3 and 4 days on the stall vegetables. » 

  • « Gain a day and a half on average at the preservation of the products. » 

  • « More repackages in the evening:
    all products are kept on the shelf with operating 24h/24h»

  • « Increasing the margin of 1.5%
    through reduction of case.»

  • « Customers are reassured, sense of security and hygiene. » 

Our certifications

ARECO respects all international standards.

Maintenance Offers

ARECO offers customized maintenance service to improve the life of your machine.

Allianz Insurance

ARECO included in the sale of its service an Allianz insurance, thanks to its exclusive system Thermosure.

Our Products

Our wide range of products enables you to adapt our nebulization system to the configuration of your display. Discover our dynamic display which can animate your fresh displays on our