Benefits for your cheese counter

Cheeses are products which impose different moisture retention criteria according to their composition and their manufacturing method. ARECO nebulization can create these specific conditions of temperature and humidity for your department.

ARECO offers to improve the profitability of your display by installing its Nebulizer System.

The benefits of ARECO fogging for your cheese department:

  • Better preservation of products and their taste qualities
  • Improvement of the profitability of the department
  • Reduced water loss and weight
  • Saving time: no need to film products.
  • Attractiveness freshness: the nebulization attracts the eye and promotes the purchase of impulse
  • Promoting the quality of products: we restart the cheese life (maturation, fermentation).

From the receipt of your stock at the end of the day financial report, discover the advantages of the ARECO nebulisation for the cheese department.

Cheese counter


Cheese can be stored in a cold room nebulized to maintain freshness and quality before placing in the display.
Plastic wrap is no longer necessary.



Reduced shrinkage and breakage. Maintain necessary temperature. Cheeses look fresh. The products are no longer drying out. The original color of the products is retained. Plastic wrapping products is no longer necessary.



Nebulization fits your merchandising. Nebulize all or part of your display through zoning for maximized product quality.


Programmed fogging

Nebulization starts automatically every morning at the specified time. The operating hours can be programmed according to your needs via our mobile application Nebuleco®.

Cheese counter


Attractive freshness: nebulization attracts attention and encourages impulse buying. The entire design is to give a positive image of the display and the store to the customer. Information on the technology for the final customer is provided with each installation.

Cheese counter

Good Practice Guide

Cleaning is easy with an integrated diffusion. The Guide to Good Practice is provided to you. It presents the proper use of nebulization and the recommended maintenance procedures.

(1) (2) (3) Data referred by our customers.

The ARECO exclusives:

  • Lowest consumption of water and electricity on the market
  • 100% natural : we do not use chemicals
  • Allianz Insurance against the risk of legionella, obtained through Thermosure
  • Controlled humidification for proper amount of cold vapor on the shelf
  • Diffusers have height adjustable without tools and integrated shutters
  • 24V system IPX5
  • Total adjustment: power, cycle and ventilation rate
  • Temperature maintained
  • The Guide to Good Pratice ARECO nebulization is provided to you. It presents the recommended maintenance procedures.

Our certifications

ARECO offers customized maintenance service to improve the life of your machine.

Maintenance Offers

ARECO offers customized maintenance service to improve the life of your machine.

Allianz Insurance

ARECO included Allianz insurance in the sale of its service, due to its exclusive system Thermosure.

Nebulization for your Cheese Counter

Our wide range of products enables you to adapt our nebulization system to the configuration of your display. Discover our dynamic display which can animate your fresh displays on our website: