Our certifications

Since its creation, ARECO puts all its know-how for the creation of new solutions certified to international standards the most stringent hygiene and safety.

ARECO strives to meet international standards for all designs and applications. We have passed the UL and CSA standards, which is a guarantee of security and reliability of our products. These labels are intended to inform our customers that our products were evaluated according to a defined process that includes: examinations, tests and follow-up inspections.

ETL Sanitation marking, awarded by Intertek, is a hygiene guarantee for ARECO customers. It certifies materials that come into contact with drinking water and guarantees the hygiene of all products. This certification attests that our devices are suitable for use in the food industry.

Our entire product range meets the international standard CE. This compliance was controlled by Apave.

As a true expert in nebulization, we wanted to put us in line with European WEEE and RoHS Directives on electronic equipment waste.

Our products are also compliant with European WEEE and RoHS Directives on electronic waste.

The ARECO material is controlled by Apave: no interference with the surrounding machines.

ARECO is also the only supplier of humidification to be registered with the ADEME, which lists all the producers which requires all producers to implement a policy of selective collection of waste and recycling.