ARECO Maintenance

ARECO puts a point of honor to perpetuate its facilities and customer loyalty by the level of its maintenance service. Our maintenance program ensures the hygiene of humidifiers and the proper functioning of the device. The aim is to ensure maximum effectiveness of our products every day and in the long term. Therefore ARECO systematically offers its customers “all inclusive” service contracts.

Our commitments for maintenance with confidence:

  • A professional maintenance warranty.
  • Preventive filter changes.
  • Full Service Contract.
  • A hot line at your service.
  • A team dedicated to customer service.
  • A maintenance contract all included: parts, labor and displacement.

The Serenity maintenance contract.

The recommended contract in view of the regulations, and subscribed by the majority of our customers. The Serenity maintenance contract includes 4 annual preventive visits comprising, for three of them:

  • Shifting.
  • Workforce.
  • Replacement of wear parts.
  • Replacing consumables.
  • Cleaning air filters.
  • Verification and possible exchange of filtration.
  • 22 points of controls and settings.

The 4th visit provides, in addition of the above points:

  • The replacement of joints and inner ducts.
  • The complete cleaning of the humidifier.
  • During each visit, all parts of the system is controlled in order to have an optimum use of your installation. In case of breakdown outside these visits, we intervene in guaranteed deadlines, to perform corrective maintenance.