ARECO Nebulization

Nebulization explained

ARECO nebulization broadcasts a fog composed of microdroplets of filtered water without adding chemicals (no ozone, peracetic acid …). This very fine mist, (95% of the droplets have a diameter less than 5 μm) moisturizes and enhances product quality. It makes products more attractive by giving them an incomparable freshness. Nebulization is a natural solution and technology for the performance of your department, in a continuous effort to respect the environment.

The ARECO cold vapor assets that make the difference

  • Innovative and exclusive technology
  • A generation of mist exclusive patented system
  • A flow rate and adjustable spray cycles are variable
  • A wide diffusion range exclusive integrating all types of furniture, new or existing
  • Efficient technology allowing maximum energy and water saving
  • The safety guaranteed 100%
  • 6 levels of filtration including reserve osmosis, UV light filter and heat shock Thermosure®
  • Allianz insurance against the risk of legionella included in the full range
  • Without addition of chemicals, no water retention, self-draining
  • A professional maintenance warranty

For all you display expenses, fogging is the ideal solution. Your products will last longer and keep their appearance and freshness. Indeed, the nebulization is the only system that allows a diffusion continuous mist of water throughout the day. The results are all the more effective in terms of humidity control, uniformity and marketing impact.

The ARECO technology produces the following results:

  • An ideal moisture level through an extremely fine cold vapor.
  • Perfect hygiene: a 6 level filtration system and compliance with regulations.
  • Economic and ecological system: silent, without adding chemicals and with low energy consumption.
  • Flexibility: our technology fits your display and whatever the type of your application (vegetables and seafood, traditional furniture, cold rooms, etc.).

ARECO brings you all the keys to improving the profitability of your department and offers training to fully optimize the capabilities of your Nebulizer System.