ARECO Nebulization

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ARECO has a proven expertise and extensive experience in the food industry and this can offer you solutions that meet your needs.

Nébulisation chais à barrique

The adapted nebulization

ARECO offers solutions that can be adapted to different installation locations. We have developed special offers for applications such as :

  • Biscuit
  • Cellars (wine and alcohol)
  • Cheese factories
  • The food industry

Many other types of industries can be optimized with ARECO’s technology. Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about the benefits our technology can offer to your industry. We will conduct a feasibility study by identifying all your specific needs and estimating the achievable savings potential.

A 100% customized solution

For specific projects, we offer a fully customized solution and develop it in close collaboration with your research department. Our goal is to always find an innovative solution and adapt it to the problem, while implementing and complying with health and safety standards. ARECO assists you in implementing your project and provides installation, maintenance and customer service.

Example displays

Nebulization for Biscuits

Our client was looking for a solution for easy removal of cookies and to decrease the renewal of release strips. We worked together to find a solution to these problems.

The results 

  • Impact on the release: production of biscuits is 3500 / h, the ARECO technology avoids any production stoppages. For example, 10 minutes stop would be $600 loss in biscuits.
  • Impact on release strips: the ARECO technology reduces the renewal of bands on the order of 25%, representing a gain of $9,000 per year (assuming that monthly change bands are at a cost of $3000).

Return on investment: 18 months

*No contractual examples

Nebulization for wine and alcohol

The humidity conditions of a cellar are essential to maintain the integrity of the taste, texture and quality of the wine or alcohol and to reduce evaporation losses. We work with our customers to find a solution to these problems as cold vapor helps maintain optimal humidity conditions to meet all of these criteria.


The ARECO technology is applied to each area of wine production:

  • Cellars with barrels / strikes: control of winemaking, controlled burns.
  • Wine cellars: conservation, quality labels and caps.
  • Manufacturing stoppers: storage in dry areas (eg Chile).
  • Storage.
  • Storage labels and cartons.
  • Nursery cuttings and slips.

The establishment of ARECO nebulization reduces evaporation losses by controlling the humidity level. It allows controlling the plurality taste and alcohol content.

The results

Reduction of consumed wine: gain of 2.5%. Example: a cellar of 100 barrels with a sale price of $10 / CA provides the gain of $5,620 / year.

Return on investment: 2 years

Reduction of alcohol consumed: gain 2.5% on either a 3000 cellar barrels, $10 per liter, an AC again of $300,000 / year

Return on investment: 2 months

*No contractual examples

Nebulization in cheese dairy

The control of humidity and temperature in cheese drying rooms are essential factors for the maturation of cheeses. Our customers are looking for a solution to improve the refining process by controlling humidity in the environment. The improvement of this process makes it possible in particular to reduce the drying of the cheese and therefore the weight losses.

ARECO nebulization technology guarantees:

  • the respect of the optimal humidity during the whole chain of production then of sale
  • the reduction of losses (by 2.5%) by controlling the hygrometry rate
  • the control of the production to maintain the quality of the cheeses (fat content, crusting, bad luck).
  • the improvement of the physical aspect: bad luck, texture, crusting.
  • protection against flies and the ciron with a controlled hygrometry

Safety is ensured via 9 filtration levels including reverse osmosis, UV filter and Thermosure® thermal shock.


On a production of 2000kg of cheese, gain in sales of around $14,000 / year.

Return on investment: 18 months.

*No contractual example